Nutritional Information
Our Scottish Highland beef is leaner and produces less waste than your typcial lean ground Angus beef. We have documented this in a self home study that we would replicate for anyone that would like to question the results that came from the study.
Christy conducted a side by side comparison with our ground beef against 91% lean Angus ground beef that was purchased from a local market. The following are pictures and information that she compiled during the comparison.
1. Christy started by using a digital scale to measure exactly 1lb of ground beef from both samples.
1 pound of 91% lean Angus beef used in our side by side comparison.
1 pound of our Scottish Highland beef used in our side by side comparison.
2. Christy cooked both 1lb samples of ground beef on medium heat until the ground beef was fully cooked, aproximately 11.5 minutes.
Ensuring that the tare weight of the container was cancelled out.3. She then drained the ground beef with a strainer into a separate mixing bowl so the drippings and residue could be collected for measuring.
4. After obtaining the tare weight of the weighing container, both ground beef samples were then measure for weight after being cooked to assess the difference between the starting weight and the finishing weight.
4 tablespoons of residue that was drained off of the 91% lean Angus beef.Weighing the Angus ground beef after being cooked.
The Angus weighed 0.69lb after cooking and yeilded a residue of approximately 4 Tablespoons of fat drippings which equates to almost 1/4 cup of waste.
Weighing the Scottish Highland ground beef after being cooked.The Scottish Highland weighed 0.75lb after cooking and yeilded no measureable residue that could be poured or collected from the bowl.
The tale of the scale did not lie to us and it will not lie to you. The Scottish Highland beef produces less residue and waste while yeilding a more useable amount of cooked beef.
Both finished ground beefs side by side at the end of the comparison.
Our beef has no hormones, no grain, and is a natural grass fed beef.
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