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We are a small ranch operation in the middle of the heartland located in South Central Missouri. We are 10 miles north of I-44 and Old Route 66 in Camden County just one mile north of the town of Richland, Missouri. It takes approximately 2 hours to drive to our location from St. Louis, 1 hour from Jefferson City, and 1 hour from Springfield.
We bought our ranch in May of 2010, and after a lot of hard work cleaning old fence rows and putting in new fences we purchased our first Scottish Highland Bull in March of 2011, known as Chewie. A few months later we purchased our first herd of Scottish Highland Cattle and became members of the Heartland Highland Cattle Association.
Christy the night after her graduation at dinner where she received a framed picture of Florence Nightingale.Christy is a native of Arkansas where she lived until she joined the United States Army in 1995. She was trained and served her country for five years as a diesel mechanic working on Army watercraft. She decided in the year 2000 to make a career change and pursue a career in the health field. In December of 2009 she became a graduate of the University of Hawaii where she earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Nursing. She is a licensed Registered Nurse, a Certified Dialysis Nurse and currently works at a Wound Care Clinic where she practices her oath to provide the best level of care to her patients that she possibly can. Christy would like to later specialize in the fields of Nephrology and Wound Care Case Management. She is currently studying in her Master's Degree in Nursing Program to become a Nurse Practitioner with a concentration in Adult and Geriatrics care and wants to focus on holistic medicine.
Chris on the Island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Island chain.Chris is a native of Maryland where he lived until he joined the United States Army in 1990. He was trained to serve his country as a Combat Engineer until 1994 when he made a career change to become a Military Police Officer. Chris has retired from Active Duty as of July 30th, 2015 after nearly 25 years of service. He is a graduate from American Military University with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Criminal Justice and is continuing his eduation in Criminal Justice in a Masters Degree program. He has completed the Special Victims Unit course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and in May 2012 he graduated from one of the Federal Law Enforcement Academies by attending the Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent Course at Fort Leonard Wood as well. In retirement he plans to work on the ranch full time and after completion of his Master's program is considering pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology to become a Forensic Psychologist. Chris also sits on the Board of Directors for the Central Ozarks Medical Center servicing the counties of Pulaski, Laclede, Camden, and Miller. There are three medical centers located in Richland, Camdenton, and Osage Beach.
Christy and Chris at a Hawaiian Beach at sunset near a light house during a Harley Davidson rally.We met in Hawaii and moved to Missouri in the spring of 2010 where we decided to establish our retirement location. We hope to be able to grow our ranch in order for us both to enjoy our dreams together. We work our cattle in the lowest stress free environment that we possibly can. Our cattle are never moved around the ranch by driving them with vehicles. We either move our cattle by foot or by horseback to create a lower stress environment. Unstressed cattle are happier cattle and thus provide better beef.
A view of two of the pastures on our property.Another view of pastures on our property.Our cattle free graze and eat what is naturally provided, most of which is fresh natuarlly grown grass, which we manage through rotational grazing.  We keep the cattle docile by hand feeding them alfalfa or range cubes once a week in order to interact with them and ensure they are use to human presence.
We do love and care for our animals and in addition to over 70 head of Scottish Highland cattle we also have 2 Himalayan Cats, 2 barn cats, 2 Dogs, 2 Quarter Horses, Barred Rock chickens, Silver Appleyard Ducks, Royal Palm Turkeys, 5 Pygora Goats, and 23 Llamas / Alpacas. You will be able to view our herd and our other critters on their appropriate pages.
To the left is our first family picture taken on the same day that Christy and Chris were married on October 1st, 2011. We were getting ready to go to Christy's first Military Ball that evening. In the picture with us is Dillon, Christy's son. We were finally able to convince him to take a picture with us but we agreed that he did not have to dress up for it. Even though he is a typical teenager which has more priorities in video games, he does help us out a lot around the ranch when we really need it. We are blessed to have what we do and will always ensure that we do our best to take care of our family including our animals.
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